Anpro LED Laser Pet Cat Toy 5MW Red Dot Laser Light Toy Laser Sight 530Nm 405Nm 650Nm Pointer Laser Pen Interactive Toy with Cat

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Product specifications: φ14 × 155mm
Output wavelength: green light 532nm, red light 650nm, blue violet light 405nm
Output power: 5mw
Range: 500 meters
Spot diameter: minimum spot diameter ≤ φ1.0mm; light spot at 15m <Φ18mm
Product material: aluminum
Battery: 2*AAA dry battery product appearance (package not available)
Appearance color: black
Laser type: Visible laser Diode
Specification function: fixed focus, spot light spot, continuous output, continuous service life > 5000 hours
Circuit Control: APC Line
Working voltage: DC=3V
Starting voltage: DC=2.3V
Working current: I<350mA
Working temperature: +20 ° C ~ +30 ° C
Storage temperature: +10 ° C ~ +40 ° C
Tip: If the weather is cold, please put the green laser into your pocket, The heat can make the laser
start normally. and then put it into the battery. It is because the temperature is low and the laser starts slowly. 





                             A gecko robbed my toy!!!

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Use the laser correctly:
1. The laser is harmful to the human eye. Do not direct it to the human eye. Please keep away from children to avoid accidents. Avoid direct beaming to the eyes.
2. Please do not illuminate the laser for a long time (especially the green laser). It is best not to exceed 30 seconds in the summer. If you feel the laser flashlight or the pen is hot, please stop it immediately until it is completely cooled.
3. When using in winter, the green laser may need to be warmed up for a period of time to achieve the best brightness. It can be placed in the pocket and then put into the battery. The continuous lighting time should not exceed 1 minute. In order to prevent the laser from aging too soon, or overheating, it will cause damage to the laser LD or the module.
4. In the art gallery, because some paintings may be afraid of light, it is not suitable to use a laser.
5, in the zoo, in order to avoid scaring animals, should not use a laser.
6. When astronomy enthusiasts use a laser to point to the star, they should pay attention to it. They should not use the star pen frequently and for a long time, so as not to hinder other people from watching stars and photography.
7. In public places where there are many people, in order to avoid accidental injury to others, the laser should be stopped.
8. Some high-power laser have obvious thermal effects and cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially for solid-state lasers that are sensitive to temperature.
9. When using the laser, be careful that the positive and negative terminals of the battery are correctly loaded, and the reverse may burn the circuit or the illuminator. The laser pen should be removed when it is not used for a long time.


Additional information


red, blue purple, green, Red

Toys Type

Laser Toys


Aluminum alloy

Brand Name


Body color


Power supply

2xAAA batteries (not included)


155mm x 14mm x 14mm


Long distance / Portable / Bright / Stable


Hunting / Camping / Teaching / Meeting


Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam


500 meters

10 reviews for Anpro LED Laser Pet Cat Toy 5MW Red Dot Laser Light Toy Laser Sight 530Nm 405Nm 650Nm Pointer Laser Pen Interactive Toy with Cat

  1. unknown

    Laser(green) was packed pretty poorly, but luckily it came undamaged. I’m very satisfied with this product, it is really worth it. You can even see the laser line during the night and my dog loves to chase it around.

  2. unknown

    Quality fire!!! Only a long time, almost a month and a half.

  3. unknown

    Excellent laser pointer! Shines with a flower. I liked everyone, the dog almost mentally did not touch, trying to catch. Cats gazed with lively interest. Parrot told them “toy!” and still was right! Attention!!! In the eyes do not shine, you can blind!

  4. unknown

    AND good laser

  5. unknown

    Up to krasnodar 1,5 months, inside the pointer is hollow, the batteries are not included. I hope everything will work, in the case has not yet used)

  6. unknown

    Love this for my cats! Great deal and very very well constructed! Thank you!

  7. unknown

    Cool lasers! Green is the most powerful, but in theory we already knew it, now we are convinced in practice. You can use both as a toy for animals, and as a pointer, and as a sight for a rifle))) carefully with eyes! Please do not shine in the face, eyes, windows, be careful next to the reflective surfaces. For snipers possible exceptions))))
    Photo for comparison. Red is a regular pyrometer.

  8. unknown

    As the picture, recommend

  9. unknown

    Great! We see it even the day with the sun šŸ™‚ The batteries are not provided with!

  10. unknown

    The pointer is bright, the cat likes. Especially pleases that on small batteries.

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