Milk & Bamboo Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask (7PCS BOX)


Unlike common foot mask, this one adopts the soft non-woven fabric in stocking waterproof design, cozy, convenient and non-sticky. When in use, the essence of the foot mask is fastened well and acts evenly on the foot skin, which facilitates free walking and normal work
Effectiveness: Containing natural bamboo vinegar essence, effectively soften horniness, milk fermented extract ,nourishing the skin, improving foot cracked and rough, and reducing foot peculiar smell.



  • Feet bear serious pressure for daily walk, and high heel shoes also double the pressure of feet, there’s thick callus and sole suffers from rough and chapping, which seriously influences the beauty, therefore, feet also require intensive treatment as periodical treatment for face, timely replenish nutrition and energy for relieving the trouble of skin.
  • This product contains natural bamboo vinegar extract, effectively soften and peel off dead skin with mild nature and non irritation, recover skin to smooth and tender state: nourish skin with milk ferment, relieve chapping and rough skin caused by inadequate treatment, recover skin to smooth,firm,soft,lustrous and white state and keep feet clean and comfortable

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Milk & Bamboo Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask (7PCS BOX)